Donald Trump says all his ‘nuclear knowledge’ comes from his favorite uncle John G Trump. According to ToE special correspondent Chris, Uncle Johnny also gave Donald a time machine ring.

Learn all about how John Trump acquired this ring (from Nikola Tesla) and how Vladimir Putin stole it (from Robert Kraft) and what Donald Trump is prepared to do to get it back (nukes).

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4 comments on Time Travelin’ Trump

  1. Brandy b says:

    These episodes with chris anger me so much. They are why I’m going to leave a shit review on Apple. And those shows make all your other shows suspect of being total bullshit as well. I’m also deleting your podcast now.

    1. brandy! this is great thank you
      is it possible I could record you telling me this
      via phone?
      it is the subject of next series on real and fake

      dont delete yet!
      I promise you are really going to like the next series

  2. DownTheRabbitHole says:

    What? No Nazis?! What a missed opportunity. Still, this is the best one yet!

  3. Jemima says:

    Benjamen, you have made my Google search history look like a fool on more than one occasion. Touché.

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