“G.S.” was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Bozeman, Montana many years ago. The story he told me about how bad karma brought him from Devon, England to the C.U.T. bomb shelters in Gardiner, Montana still haunts me. A few years ago we reconnected and he recounted the whole story for me. Also Astronomer Chris Impey explains how Dark Energy will end it all.



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  1. A small note on the end of the universe:
    The hypothesis of everything being ripped apart in the very end, often called “Big Rip”, which Chris Impey explained, presents itself to me at this point as mere speculation not underpinned by actual physical observations. We don’t have the data to rule out the possibility of this entertaining scenario, but the data so far doesn’t actively point that way. To me, it’s best understood as a thought experiment permitted by our current understanding of the universe, rather than a prediction of what’s to come.

  2. kirstin says:

    I was there as well. We lived in Minneapolis but drove to Montanna for the end of the world sleepover party. I was 15. I’ve never talked about this experience with anyone else who was there but would love to. Can you pass along my email if it is appropriate?

  3. Heidi says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast(this one or others) yet but I wanted to share this while it was fresh on my mind.
    I happened to listen to an old episode of Strangers today that was tied to a recent episode. She mentions your podcast at the end so I look it up and, as Dark Karma is downloading, I read the description. Well, I was born in AZ but when I was 3 my parents moved us to Corwin Springs to go on staff at C.U.T. My dad was a welder at the time and helped build the bomb shelters there. I now live in Bozeman.

    I love a good coincidence and can’t wait to listen to your podcast! šŸ™‚

  4. Camilla Herold says:

    Years ago I used to vacation in Bozeman, MT, usually camping at a KOA. One year, a woman from CUT walked into the campground and offered us a pamphlet with information about the church. Soon she was asked to leave by the campground host. We didn’t think much of it. Then a few days later we went out to eat at a restaurant somewhere nearby called The Golden Rose. I remember it being way out in the middle of nowhere and kinda creepy, and very few people were there. We started talking to our waiter and learned more about the area, and since he seemed eager to talk, we asked a lot of questions, and he asked us a lot of questions. At one point he stopped talking and suddenly began whispering to us, saying he was a member of the CUT church, and was trying desperately to get out, to escape. He had no car, so he begged us to pick him up at a certain spot on a highway the next night and take him to the local airport. We were stunned by his story, and we believed him. So the next night, we drove down the road to meet him, but he was not there. We figured he got caught trying to leave, like he feared he would. It was very sad, leaving that place a few days later, knowing someone there was trying so hard to get out and we could not help him. Later, when the internet came into being, I read about CUT and learned what kind of cult it was. Strangely, I also came across a song by Tom Petty, called “The Golden Rose”, about a ship and a person on board who wanted badly to go back home. It seemed to have a strange, sad, bizarre connection to our Golden Rose story and our missing friend. His story still haunts me, and I wish I knew whether he ever got out.

  5. Camilla Herold says:

    I want to comment on my post above, to correct something. I did my own fact-checking of my story and found that the restaurant we went to, which I incorrectly called The Golden Rose, was actually called The Desert Rose, which is in Belgrade MT, and it’s still open. That surprises me, given that our visit there was in about 1990. Still wondering about our desperate waiter.

  6. dr j mc says:

    er where’s the rest of this story? So they are in the car park waiting for their cars to start.. and… what happened next?
    I want to know how they discovered they were in a cult! Did they still believe it was a drill? What happened to the cult? What about their leader? Where is the rest of the story??

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