Countryside (Social Distance Learning part iii)


Urbanites are fleeing cities for beach communities and small country towns! Tensions are spreading faster than the Coronavirus. Your host turns to the last exhibition he saw in New York (Countryside the Future! from Rem Koolhaas) and the first dystopian film he watched in confinement (Michael Haneke’s Time of the Wolf) for answers. Plus a beach to beach chat with Helen and Martin from the Allusionist!

Île de Ré

The citizens of Île de Ré are not happy with Parisians.

Countryside The Future

The last art show I saw… and will have seen for a long time… is Rem Koolhaus’s Countryside the Future — which my friend brought me to for a hate viewing.

Checkin' in on Friends

I check in with Helen and Martin from The Allusionist as they hole up on a beach in Brighton and Julie Blusse in Amsterdam.


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