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The Longest Shortest Flight of Rudolf Hess

The longest shortest flight of Rudolf Hess

On May 10th 1941 Rudolf Hess flew from Germany to Scotland. He hoped to bring the Nazis and the British together. He failed. But the details behind his flight remain one of the greatest mysteries of World War II. Historians and Amateur scholars have spent decades trying to unravel this mystery. On this episode we look into one of the strangest theories of them all.

This episode is part of a network-wide project to welcome Over the Road, Radiotopia’s newest show, into the family.

The Deputy Führer's Flight

May 10th, 1941 wasn’t Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess’s first choice for a date to fly to Britain to make a peace deal – but, according to his astrologer it was the best chance for success!

The Flying Visit

Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond, had an older brother that was also a Mi6 agent… and a novelist. Arguably his novel The Flying Visit has had as much of an effect on the world as we know it as his brother’s more famous novels.

The Long Haul

When the Nazis Invaded the Soviet Union on June 22nd 1941, Churchil pledged his support to the Soviet People. Germany was now fighting a war on two fronts. Hess had failed to forge an alliance between the Nazis and the Capitalists.

Or did he?

The Cultural Marxism Industry (Russia Hospital 2020 Update)

The Cultural Marxism Industry (Russia Hospital 2020 Update)

Jordan Peterson’s daughter took to YouTube to announce that her father, Jordan Peterson (one of the subjects of our 2019 Failure Maxiseries)  is convalescing in a Russian Hospital. We check out her video and return to Martin Jay and his attempts to debunk the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory.

In the 1930’s, Theodor Adorno fled Nazi Germany. In America, he studied the Authoritarian Personality. On YouTube, he’s the object of study in a massive conspiracy theory that many have tried (and failed)  to debunk.

Russian Hospital

Jordan Peterson has disappeared over the past several months. His daughter took to YouTube to solve this mystery.

American conspiracy

On YouTube, Adorno is a central figure in the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory. In 2010, Martin Jay published an essay in the journal Salamagundai called Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe to explain his role in the spread of this conspiracy theory and to once and for all debunk it!

He failed.

He walks us through what went wrong and how we might find a way forward in Adorno and the Frankfurt School’s study of the Authoritarian Personality. Martin’s new essay will be included in Splinters In Your Eye, a collection forthcoming from Verso.

Desert Lies

Desert Lies

Benjamen Walker the podcaster often receives emails meant for Benjamin Walker the actor. A few weeks ago your host received an email inviting Benjamen Walker to Saudi Arabia.

At the Dakar Rally

Just a few weeks after Instagram celebrities from around the world got themselves into trouble for attending Saudi Arabia’s MDL Beast Festival, your host takes a chance at the Dakar Rally motor race, gets his phone tapped at the Ritz Carlton Jeddah and learns what a shakedown really is.

The Great Divide

The Great Divide

Man on the street divides couple in a car. Your host is triggered by a flag pole and writer Chris Arnade explains why America is polarized. PLUS Joseph Roth on the difference between great and mediocre talents.

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On the End of the World

In which your host is deeply disturbed by his neighbor’s bigass flag and Joseph Roth offers some insight into how to work in this environment.


Chris Arnade spent 7 years driving around an America he believes is divided into the front row and the back row.

ToE 2019 Radiotopia Fundraiser Spectacular!

ToE 2019 Radiotopia Fundraiser Spectacular!

Every Radiotopia podcast created a special episode for the 2019 Fundraiser. Many of these gems focus on the idea of a dream show as in what would your dream show be? well I am already making my dream show and that is thanks to you dear listener.  Yes, sometimes there are sponsors but the majority of the support for this podcast comes from listeners who donate to the Radiotopia annual fundraiser. In fact it is thanks to you that I have the freedom to say no to particular brands and products who would like to connect with you. So for our special episode we dive into the rejected sponsor pile – hear the best of the worst! **

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Make your mark. The 2019 Radiotopia Fundraiser is in full swing! Go to radiotopia.fm to donate today.

wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Your host follows a great cup of coffee from Paris, to Copenhagen and Kenya

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Dreamin' Man

Your host’s coffee education begins in Paris where he has an amazing cup of light-roasted Kenyan filter coffee at Dreamin’ Man.


That amazing cup of coffee was roasted by the award-winning boutique operation April Coffee in Copenhagen.

In Kenya

April like everyone who buys Kenyan beans, has to go through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. Your host then took a trip to the Murangi region to talk to some farmers.

Roasting at Origin

There aren’t a lot of companies roasting where the coffee farms are, but your host found one in Kenya – African Coffee Roasters. They’re a trying to show the world that it’s possible to roast at origin.

Coffee Collective

Is the specialty coffee sector too small to make a difference?

Coffee Collective‘s Klaus Thompson says no. He also explains why these light-roasted coffees are so delicious — and valuable.

I received some production support for this episode from a project out of the London School of Economics called A Tale of Two Valleys that is looking at Kenya’s rift valley and California’s central valley special thanks to everyone involved especially Laura Mann and Gianluca Iazzolino

Guided By Voices (r)

Guided By Voices (r)

Philosopher Daniel Heller-Roazen tells us the story of Pythagoras and the fifth hammer and how Kant and Kepler both tried (and failed) to record the universal harmonies Pythagoras once heard. Your host sets out to make some money doing experimental medical testing, and gets the chance to record the voice in his head.toe20image

Deep State revisited

Deep State Revisited

On this episode we dig down into the substratum of the ToE archive to better understand the true meaniong of Deep State.

More Adventures in Surveillance

we’re playing some favorites from our More Adventures In Surveillance series this week from the episodes Useful Idiots and Nothing to Hide.

Going Karura

Going Karura

While reporting in Nairobi, Kenya a group of striking Uber drivers turn your host on to a revolutionary strategy of resistance. Plus: stuck in a broken elevator!

Uber Strike in Kenya

in which your host makes friends with the striking uber drivers, struggles to get around kenya and find the mau mau cave.

The boy who cried wolf

The boy who cried wolf

The boy who cried wolf crosses paths with the Emperor with no clothes and little red riding hood. Plus: Computer Pinocchio.

Faerie Tales

The real fake versions of the stories you thought you knew.

False Alarm!

Check out the original versions of these stories scattered across 15 episodes of our mega-series, False Alarm!