F is for Fake

To Bot or Not? That’s the big question for Data Scientist Gilad Lotan. His research suggests we may be damaging our online reputations if we choose not to play the fake follower game. Jason Q Ng, author of the book Blocked on Weibo, tells us why the Chinese government hates fake bots and why they targeted Black PR companies last summer. And your host imagines a future were humans are forced to shower their new Bot Overlords with unwavering attention.

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  2. Jen Schmitt says:

    BW I am leaving my partner of 7 years for your radio show. Do u know if TMI is single or on the market? Also, is 99% invisible into open relationships? RADIOTOPIA Sorry Ben & Roman I’m only into Radio Shows.

    1. Jen Schmitt says:

      Awaiting moderation?

  3. LGJ says:


    Great episode. I was curious however, if you don’t mind me asking, I cannot find any information relating to the newsletter- for sign up or otherwise- on the site. Is there somewhere else to get more information?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. I will email you the details soon!

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  6. Sign me up too, please. What’s this startup. I’m very likely in. Like 87% sure I’m in. Maybe more like 82% since I’m not sure what it is; but f-it…I’m 88% in

  7. Ron Mader says:

    Beyond the # of followers, what’s needed is the mechanism to prioritize interactions. Meanwhile, to sort out the fake followers, the tool I use is Twitter Audit http://www.twitteraudit.com

  8. ty says:

    Loved the F is for Fake episode. Maybe I’m missing something, but do you have show notes where you link to the music played in the background of your episodes? I enjoyed the music used in this one. Want it. What was it?

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