Technology consultant Sarah Slocum loves social media and her Google Glass, she wears them everywhere. But when she walked into Molotov’s, a bar on Haight Street in San Francisco, she discovered that not everyone shares her love for wearable gadgets. Also, your host makes his annual pilgrimage to SXSWi and ends up designing wearables at a surreal Hack Day. We also hear from Shingy, AOL’s Digital Prophet. He says wearables will allow us to have it both ways: we can be both digital and human.  **This episode features elements that were recorded binaurally. If you listen with a pair of headphones or a LiveAudio enabled JAMBOX, you will experience three dimensional sound – it will be like you are there.**

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3 comments on Prêt-à-Portable

  1. Jeff says:

    I hate jumping to conclusions when I hear someone on a podcast who sounds as insufferable a personality as Sarah Slocum. Maybe this is confirmation bias, but my search for info on Ms. Slocum ends here. Thanks for a thought-provoking podcast, B.W.

  2. Abby says:

    I think Ms. Slocum was missing the point as to why the other people in the bar were upset about her wearing the Google glass. Most people don’t expect to be recorded by someone without their permission when in a seemingly semi-private environment like a bar where you are interacting with your friends. Surely they were not jealous of your “name brand” glasses. They were annoyed by you recording them. I was annoyed listening to it! Not all people in this world are excited about the pace of technology and social media taking over all aspects of our lives. Some people just want to go out for a nice night out to interact face-to-face with their friends… not face to Google glasses.

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