If you dislike like, then you will… (the dislike club part III)

This week Anthropologist Gabriella Coleman tells us about the internet’s original Dislike Club, Anonymous. Biella has spent the last eight years hanging out with Anons both on IRC and in IRL. Her new book “Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: the many faces of Anonymous”  is the definitive book on the topic, nothing else comes close.  Biella also gets me to watch V for Vendetta, something I have refused to do out of my fanboy respect for writer Alan Moore (who refused to watch it or put his name on the movie). I wish I could un-see it already.  Also: Commodify your dislike!



10 comments on If you dislike like, then you will… (the dislike club part III)

  1. Jon Larson says:

    I want to help, what do you need. I am fairly adept with computers. as well as philosophy and thought. I love the concept and I am curious where you are going with it. I am someone with a lot to say, but I don’t like the channels that are currently available. I don’t like shouting to the wind saying like me , pay attention to me.

  2. Eric Goebelbecker says:

    Alan Moore loves bitching. He should be your first Dislike Club member….but don’t be surprised if he leaves quickly and tells anyone who will listen why he dislikes the Dislikes.

  3. Erik Rosaen says:

    Love the show and I contribute via Radiotopia.
    Regarding resentment of our data being a commodity. People want to be unique. They are not. That is why the whole “if you like this…” thing works. Glad to see someone raging against the machine. Good luck with that.

  4. Peter says:

    Likes the show
    dislikes facebook
    dislikes how it infiltrates the web, so you can easily log-in in exchange for more information
    dislikes how it’s utterly broken, it’s not social, its a glorified addressbook that raises the question of why i keep these friends?
    dislikes how it somehow manage to keep me in, just because i sometimes find a few tidbits of signal in the noise.
    And im not even drunk, yet.

    Have less, be more – seems especially true measured against the vast internet.
    Did i mention i like the show?

    I remain

  5. Shannon says:

    How can I help you make the club? I want to help! I want to join!

  6. Friedrich says:

    Following your plea, I came here via dislike.club to contribute to the cause. How can I help? Please let me know. Thanks.

  7. michael says:

    if you want a “dislike” button you could try Friendica

    (any Friendica site – its a community-driven federated network of sites running the free/opensource platform)

  8. Wilbur Hurley says:

    True story.
    It had been a while since I wrote an actual letter to someone, probably going back to elementary school ( I’m 30 now). So as a sweet gesture, I wrote a letter to my grandmother, I’m in San jose,Ca and she lives in Jacksonville,FL. I spent a week going over things I want to put in the letter involving me and my husbands life, our travels, school, work and reminiscing about missing her homemade bread. The letter was hand written and three pages long.

    About a week or so afterwards, I’m sitting in class.
    I get a facebook notification.
    “Grandma(not real name)” has tagged you in a photo.
    I clicked on it, it took me to facebook.
    And there it was, the letter I wrote her, on the kitchen table.
    The photo was captioned
    “Thank you for the lovely letter,boo.”
    The worse part about it, the photo received 50 likes ,I posted my graduation photo a while back, it only got 6 or 7.

  9. dr j mc says:

    The nice music bed behind the part on V for Vendetta on this podcast is: The Blue Energy Program.
    by the artist: The Advisory Circle. From the album: From Out Here.

  10. Sue says:

    I personally loved V for vendetta. I know it had only a 3 star rating so I am in the minority, but that is fairly typical of me. It probably helped that I have never read the graphic novels.

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