Frankie isn’t a real Media Influencer but the Government saw the 500k followers he bought for his Instagram profile back in the day and arrested him anyway. Now he’s in a Media internment camp. This is PART TWO of a special collaboration with the Truth podcast. Head over there to get part one. This is our contribution to Radiotopia’s new crossover series. We all investigate Doing Time to mark the arrival of the new Radiotopia Podcast Earhustle.


One comment on “Influencers (part II of II)

  1. Jeff Knox says:

    I think it might be important to note that the photo used in this post is a fake. In case people didnt realize that already. Its funnny but we cant take for granted peoples ability to believe everything they see. Executive order 9066 was actually signed by Roosevelt in 1942 and it created the Japanese internment camps. Nothing to actually do with trump. But im sure everyone already knew that.

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