A special Halloween week fall treat! We’re revisiting a segment from my old podcast Too Much Information. I’ve always wanted to share it here, but this thing I dreamed about in 2010 (Cthulucon, a gathering dedicated to the writings and memory of the writer HP Lovecraft) actually became a real con! I never wanted my dream to compete with that…  but well dreams are strong and my friend Luc Sante’s essay on Lovecraft is still one of the best things ever written about the man.

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2 comments on CthulhuCon (Revisited)

  1. Thyrza says:

    I’ve created a couple of Cthulu pieces recently and want to share them with you- Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the dream invitation

    Is this my plus one?


  2. Paul Hossfield says:

    There is also the yearly Necronomicon in Providence.

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