Our New ToE series on the battle between the real and the fake begins with a text alert sent out to everyone in Hawaii on a balmy Saturday morning. We also hear from the man who has written the text alert that will go out to all New Yorkers in the event of a real emergency. Photographer Stan Douglas shows us how to reconstruct a future that makes sense, and your host turns to fellow podcaster Jody Avirgan for advice on how to own the “real-ish” podcast genre. Plus the little boy who cried wolf meets the Emperor with no clothes!

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Illustration by Jordan Crane and new series logo by Val Dorito.


4 comments on This Is Not A Drill (False Alarm! part i)

  1. saski plum says:

    hey hey just listened to this first episode in the series, but have you heard of the artist Walid Raad? His work is based entirely on false histories in how Americans perceive Middle Eastern art and conflict. He constructs artifacts of scenarios from the whimsical to the absurd. Raad was a guest lecturer at my college once, and the whole talk was a performance piece where we didn’t know we were being duped until it was almost over—so brilliant.

  2. FlairInnovationMayhem says:

    During the first segment, I couldn’t help thinking of the Gang of Four lyrics:
    “See the girl on the TV dressed in a bikini;
    She doesn’t think so, but she’s dressed for the H-bomb”

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