Our investigation of the real and the fake continues as your host hunts for a way to monetize it! We ask Alex Goldmark from Planet Money and Bitchcoin artist Sarah Meyohas for advice and author David Golumbia explains how bitcoin really works. Lyn Jeffrey takes us to China to learn about the multi level marketing craze of the mid 1990s and Jed Rothstein tells us about his new movie The China Hustle. Journalist Zeke Faux explains why scammers love Facebook and Toe’s Andrew Callaway visits Supreme to learn how to get rich off Streetwear. PLUS… the ToE coin!

Illustration by Jordan Crane and new series logo by Val Dorito.

Monetizing the Fake

We’ve been talking to an artist and a podcaster looking for advice, so this week we hit up Alex Goldmark from Planet Money and Sarah Meyohas, the creator of Bitchcoin. This time, instead of getting tips on how to deal with the fake, I wanted to learn how to monetize it!

Technology that doesn't work

David Golumbia believes that bitcoin is classic snake oil. It doesn’t even work as a currency! He sees the fanatical faith in bitcoin as making it like a cult — a cult that’s backed by right wing ideology.

How can you face the real if you can't handle the fake?

A recent ICO in China that was supercharged by MLMs led me to Lyn Jeffery to tell me about her experiences in China so I can understand how to make people believe in the fake. I also spoke to Jed Rothstein, director of The China Hustle about reverse mergers and the inherent fakeness of the global financial system.

Finding the suckers.

I sent ToE’s Andrew Callaway to the Supreme store to find out how to become a millionaire off of street wear — and Zeke Faux explains how Facebook helps affiliate marketers find the suckers.

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One comment on “S-Coin (False Alarm! part iii)

  1. Amanda Black says:

    Loved, loved this Podcast (and I just signed up for your newsletter). Ever since I was bombarded by MLM “parties” in my 20s, I’ve been obsessed about learning more. I hope that others can learn more about how to be smart with their money.

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