The Greater Firewall


China’s next generation surveillance technology is being used to build out the world’s internet. But China is also exporting new philosophical and business models. Hao Wu explains how live streaming in China is powered by failures and James Griffiths explains why the free and open internet may soon be replaced by Cyber Sovereignty.

Chapter five in the new ToE Failure miniseries.

People's Republic of Desire

In 2015, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube was live-streaming. Filmmaker Hao Wu explains the Chinese model of internet video stardom in his film The People’s Republic of Desire.

The Cyber Sovereignty Model

Most people think of the Great Firewall as the foreign sites China blocks within its borders – but in his new book, The Great Firewall: How To Build and Control and Alternative Version of the Internet author James Griffiths wants us to see how it operates in the Chinese version of the internet. 


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