wake up and smell the coffee


Your host follows a great cup of coffee from Paris, to Copenhagen and Kenya

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Dreamin' Man

Your host’s coffee education begins in Paris where he has an amazing cup of light-roasted Kenyan filter coffee at Dreamin’ Man.


That amazing cup of coffee was roasted by the award-winning boutique operation April Coffee in Copenhagen.

In Kenya

April like everyone who buys Kenyan beans, has to go through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. Your host then took a trip to the Murangi region to talk to some farmers.

Roasting at Origin

There aren’t a lot of companies roasting where the coffee farms are, but your host found one in Kenya – African Coffee Roasters. They’re a trying to show the world that it’s possible to roast at origin.

Coffee Collective

Is the specialty coffee sector too small to make a difference?

Coffee Collective‘s Klaus Thompson says no. He also explains why these light-roasted coffees are so delicious — and valuable.

I received some production support for this episode from a project out of the London School of Economics called A Tale of Two Valleys that is looking at Kenya’s rift valley and California’s central valley special thanks to everyone involved especially Laura Mann and Gianluca Iazzolino


5 comments on wake up and smell the coffee

  1. Craig says:

    In your program on coffee you mentioned at the end that Coffee Collective doesn’t charge for shipping. I was just in the process of ordering some coffee for my son as a gift and in the checkout process shipping was calculated. The shipping would cost almost as much as the coffee.

    1. Andrew Callaway says:

      the free shipping is only for the coffee subscriptions – but you can cancel the subscription at any time.

      1. Craig says:

        Ah,I see. Thank you for the reply.

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