The Cultural Marxism Industry (Russia Hospital 2020 Update)


Jordan Peterson’s daughter took to YouTube to announce that her father, Jordan Peterson (one of the subjects of our 2019 Failure Maxiseries)  is convalescing in a Russian Hospital. We check out her video and return to Martin Jay and his attempts to debunk the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory.

In the 1930’s, Theodor Adorno fled Nazi Germany. In America, he studied the Authoritarian Personality. On YouTube, he’s the object of study in a massive conspiracy theory that many have tried (and failed)  to debunk.

Russian Hospital

Jordan Peterson has disappeared over the past several months. His daughter took to YouTube to solve this mystery.

American conspiracy

On YouTube, Adorno is a central figure in the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory. In 2010, Martin Jay published an essay in the journal Salamagundai called Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe to explain his role in the spread of this conspiracy theory and to once and for all debunk it!

He failed.

He walks us through what went wrong and how we might find a way forward in Adorno and the Frankfurt School’s study of the Authoritarian Personality. Martin’s new essay will be included in Splinters In Your Eye, a collection forthcoming from Verso.


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