Making the best of it (social distance learning iv)


As the weeks turn into months, one man decides to learn how to cook for himself even though he can no longer taste or smell. ToE’s Andrew Callaway decides its time to get in shape, and your host and Arthaud try to figure out Computer school.

Tasteless Diaries

When Andrew Evans woke up one morning having completely lost his sense of smell and taste, he adapted. This means prioritizing texture and mouthfeel above all else.

Peanut butter, onion, and cabbage taco with hot sauce.

Don’t miss Andrew’s magic show every other friday livestreamed from quarentine at the Magic Patio.

Getting fit for end times

Andrew, struggling with being productive, decides to focus on his body! With the help of a personal trainer he gets his doomscrolling in check.

Remote learning for pre-k

The teachers are doing the best they can, but your host struggles with remote learning for Artaud.


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