Herd Immmunity (Social Distance Learning part v of v)


As the island (and the world) reopens, your host tries his best to join the celebrations, Dr. Lauren Powell explains the risks of protesting during a pandemic and ToE’s special correspondent Chris brings us inside the COVID19 task force!

This Mask Kills Fascists

ToE’s man in D.C. “Chris” tells us what dr. fauci is like in person and the REAL reason the US federal government never got serious about coronavirus testing (i.e. trump is racist).

Abandoned by my own solitude

Benjamen sits at a cafe as the french celebrate déconfinement. Not a lot of masks around… and it starts to rain. Meanwhile, he doubts his abilities as a father when Artaud tells his zoom class that he wants to grow up to be a police officer.

my biggest nightmare

Dr Lauren Powell, head of health care at Time’s Up, tells us about how racism is at the core of both police violence and the coronavirus’s disproportionate impact on black people.

Read her op-ed here!

why aren't the cops wearing masks????

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