New Statues


As statues of slaveholders and Confederate War losers come down, we imagine what could go up in their stead, revisiting a conversation with artist and rememorialization expert Chris Vargas. And since the Trump administration has banned any official raising of the rainbow flag to commemorate Pride month we revisit our audio memorial to the artist Henry Darger.


The artist Chris E. Vargas walks us thru his replacement for the Gay Liberation Monument outside the Stonewall Inn. Hear the full story on Institutionalized.

The cis, white Gay Liberation Monument
Nicki Green's “Forces of Faggotry” -or- Brick as a negotiation of the precarious duality of being seen and burning it all down

Henry Darger's little girls with penises

Henry Darger is one of the art world’s most famous mysteries. Was Henry part of a Gay or Transgender subculture? We have no way of knowing for sure. But Jim Elledge reveals in his biography of Henry Darger, Throwaway Boy that he definitely had a long term serious relationship with a man.


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