The longest Shortest Flight of Rudolf Hess (2020reprise)

On May 10th 1941 Rudolf Hess flew from Germany to Scotland. He hoped to bring the Nazis and the British together. He failed. But the details behind his flight remain one of the greatest mysteries of World War II. Historians and Amateur scholars have spent decades trying to unravel this mystery. On this episode we look into one of the strangest theories of them all.

This episode is part of a network-wide project to welcome Over the Road, Radiotopia’s newest show, into the family.

The Deputy Führer's Flight

May 10th, 1941 wasn’t Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess’s first choice for a date to fly to Britain to make a peace deal – but, according to his astrologer it was the best chance for success!

The Flying Visit

Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond, had an older brother that was also a Mi6 agent… and a novelist. Arguably his novel The Flying Visit has had as much of an effect on the world as we know it as his brother’s more famous novels.

The Long Haul

When the Nazis Invaded the Soviet Union on June 22nd 1941, Churchil pledged his support to the Soviet People. Germany was now fighting a war on two fronts. Hess had failed to forge an alliance between the Nazis and the Capitalists.

Or did he?

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