Benjamen Coin


1.5″  golden chocolate Benjamen coin



The golden chocolate Benjamen coin!!

It works  like a traditional podcast challenge coin — BUT WAY BETTER. When you run into me out in the world and you present me with your Benjamen coin… I will take a bite out of it and its value will skyrocket.

For an additional fee, try a limited edition PRE BIT COIN!

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: send us an email at and we’ll figure it out.



Additional information

Weight .1 oz

2 comments on Benjamen Coin

  1. Dan says:

    ApplePay isn’t working for me through Safari on IPhone 7. Gotta get me some coin!

  2. Josiah says:

    My first Benjamen Coin arrived today, and I couldn’t be more enthralled. Finally I have joined the ranks of early adopters of world changing currencies. I am sure to reap the fiscal harvest soon, very soon.

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