Underneath a giant American Flag in a Midwest Airport Your host takes a knee in order to tie his shoe. Trouble. Big Trouble. Plus False Flag meets Dictionary.com



One comment on “False Flags

  1. Nick Neachtain says:

    Regarding the position he speaks from here he came across to me as arrogant and smug.

    It seems from his tone and angle that there is this assuming that the postion he speaks from has the objective basis of what is the truth of things. This can never be. Truth is an aggregate of perspectives.
    Diversify your news sources man. Come on!

    Obviously a lot of what jones and his ilk peddle is crazed conjecture and has no basis in fact,
    But – The fact is – a lot of what he has said has been proven to be true, what previously was branded as loony by people like walker. So the truth is not so black and white man. Get with it!

    You can dress it up with the most artfully narration and story telling you want ,
    the political and sociologoical default setting of you and your audience are in need of an update.

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