Artist and Filmmaker Ruth Dusseault tells us about how the internet has changed the American Commune. Plus ToE’s Andrew Callaway lets us in on an internet joke about  Socialist Dolphins.

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One comment on “Utopia (part iii)

  1. Justin Treon says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I love the idea of Earthships, but I think we need to use compressed earth blocks rather than tires because the tires must be sealed in concrete. A group in Ranger, Texas, came up with a way to make a 2’x2’x18′ earth block, . Would you please cover more about earthen buildings, especially Earthship earthen buildings?

    The problem with Earthships is that they are one story tall. Two story building are generally a failure. The real question is how do you make a six story Earthship. To be truly environmentally friendly you need cities rather than suburbia. Can you cover more about the environmentally positive (and negative) aspect of cities? ( )

    Justin Treon

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