Failure (prelude)


After Meghan Daum’s marriage falls apart she meets some new friends on YouTube. Also, reporter Paris Martineau tells us about a new game changing online harassment tool: the thotbot.


When Meghan Daum’s marriage ended, she gave up on HBO and Netflix and switched over to YouTube. She wrote about it in a Medium piece called “Nuance: A Love Story.”


Over thanksgiving, while many people were celebrating with their families, Paris Martineau discovered a group of men’s rights activists created a tool to harass sex workers.


5 comments on Failure (prelude)

  1. Oz du Soleil says:

    I REALLY liked the IDW section because I could identify with a lot of what Meghan Daum experienced: finding that folks like Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin raise lots of interesting things that are worth discussing, but then getting exhausted with defending them from people who know then through media hit pieces that label them as alt-right.

    Just when I wanted to share the link to this podcast, we descended into the madness of that guy and his deep fakes.
    WHY? What was the point of putting these together? We started really smart and ended with … I don’t know what that was. Deep Fakes are fascinating and concerning, but that interview I could have done without.

  2. Josiah Martens says:

    Hey TOE crew! I’m a long time listener, coin-carrying Radiotopia supporter, and Benjamen Coin investor.

    Over the last couple years I have found in the IDW an intellectual home, or at least the closest approximation in public discourse to such. It was thoroughly enjoyable to hear my favorite podcast begin to discuss some of my favorite ideas, especially considering the critical stance TOE seems to be taking with respect to the IDW. I sincerely hope to hear more from you in this vein, but I would like to encourage you to do your best to steel-man the IDW’s core ideas. If your critique responds to real positions rather than cartoonish caricatures I, for one, would greatly benefit.

    Keep up your incisive, satirical, magical-realist work.

    1. John Simons says:

      > If your critique responds to real positions rather than cartoonish caricatures I, for one, would greatly benefit.

      Aimee Terese makes a good case why that’s actually not possible, interviewed here

  3. Michael says:

    What is that great orchestral music around 17:50?

  4. Cody Brazil says:

    ‘I’m not an expert on this,’ ‘I think it’s an important conversation,’ or focusing on the fact that it’s just about free speech is a defensive technique. It puts up a wall that helps them from having to openly support these viewpoints.

    Of course everyone is tired of defending people like Jordan Peterson. These view are indefensible to anyone with social skills or common sense.

    Good thing there are TOE episodes like this to spread the these opinions without any counterpoint beyond exasperation. Great job!

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