The People Have Spoken


Filmmaker Astra Taylor asks “What is Democracy?” and YouTube creates the most disliked video in the history of the platform. Chapter one in the new ToE Failure miniseries.

Befriended by Democracy

Astra Taylor’s new film, What Is Democracy? is a philosophical quest into the meaning of a system that is in crisis. She takes us to Athens to explore the origins of democracy and see it’s failure today. Wendy Brown argues that democracy needs bounds while Cornel West insists it has to be global. 

Astra’s quest also takes her to Sienna, the birthplace of capitalism. She takes a look at a fresco from 1338 called The Allegory of Good and Bad Government with the philosopher Silvia Federici  who shows us what is missing from democracy today.

What is Democracy? opens in New York at IFC on January 16th check the website for other cities

Disliked by YouTube

Meanwhile on YouTube, Louis CK’s leaked tape suggests he’s serious about making a comeback: because the quickest way to the top is over the bodies of your vanquished politically correct enemies

and your host gets lost in Free Speech YouTube and discovers a straw man and a spectre that is haunting technology companies


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