Your host attempts to write a description for the Podcast. He seeks assistance from an old book, and the plot whisperer. Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 6.17.42 PM  

3 comments on Resolution

  1. Tim says:

    One thing I think you do so well is the ambiguity of whether you’re getting a scripted narrative or not. One of my very favorite pieces of yours is the one with the girl working for NASA. Wonderful stuff. Don’t let that one remain buried in FMU’s archives, imo!

  2. Trey says:

    This episode anti-climax (in a good way) reminded me of the Idler.

    When I wrote my own book thing, I was stunned at how hard it is to make stuff up – in the face of a world with 911, teflon presidents, the return of religion to the front page, and the continued success of Madonna.

    Pretty soon, everything I did make up kinda came true too. Before publishing it.

    How much do you dislike the zeitgeist?

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