Analog Time

Your host explores the transition from UFO to Drone on stage as part of Radiotopia Live! and pinpoints the date he crossed his own personal digital divide (Feb 21st 1997). Also filmmaker Alix Lambert tells us about a group of people who are still on Analog time.

A version of the prison tape piece ran on 99% invisible. Thanks always to Roman Mars and Katie Mingle. Special thanks to Elyse Blennerhassett who not only introduced us to both Efren and Adolfo but she is also continuing to work with them on a longer term audio diary project that follows their daily life / experiences, and inner worlds. From their fight for innocence to their interactions, dreams, textures, smells, and memories.

3 comments on Analog Time

  1. I saw Lost Highway the day it opened in 1997. I had a van packed with all my belongings outside the movie theater. I can’t recall which one but it was in Boston. After the movie ended, I drove to Chicago. I’ll always associate that great movie with escaping from a town I never wanted to live in again.

    Thank you for reminding me of this with your great show…

  2. kuki says:

    Analog time is really interesting. Thanx for sharing

  3. Drew Hamilton says:

    Do you ever think about how most of us listeners out here can, in a matter of days, consume all of your creative output for the last 5 years.


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