Your host sets out to better understand America’s craft beer scene. The latest food trend? Or oppositional culture?  And can it survive the attention from Megabrew?

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One comment on “sudculture (part I of II)

  1. Janene says:

    Love the first part of sudculture! I live in California and the micro brewing industry is a topic usually debated and discussed between my boyfriend and our friends because we are both beer enthusiast and every now and again brew our own. This series got one of my “anti-radio” friends to download and now they are also a huge fan. Keep on being incredible, you make the world a much, much happier place.

    Also, I think your wife should definitely replace Siri, or just develop an app that allows you to momentarily speak with the most badass French accent. Not to be creepy. My boyfriend is getting sick of me saying “you are listening to Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything” every time I listen.

    Thanks again for connecting all the dots 🙂

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