Part two of your host’s craft beer drinking adventure. As the battle over shelf space intensifies we meet a couple of brewers who are doing things differently?

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7 comments on sudculture (part II of II)

  1. John Pavelko says:

    I have recently just begun listening to your Theory of Everything podcast. Of interest is one of your latest “Sudculture” two part series. Being called a “beer snob” but more of a craft beer taste tester I feel there is one part of the early years of craft brewing that is mostly unknown and forgotten. This is the story of “Grants Brewing Company” of Seattle. Bert Grant was a pioneer from the very start of the micro brewing scene fro Seattle Washington and shipped his amazingly great beers across the country as far back as the 1980’s. He has many credits to his achievements to the culture of craft brewing but few know he lost it all and was closed down by the BTAF in the early 1990’s for his attempt to provide Nutritional Information on his Scotish Ale and other beers. After a long fight he not only lost his battle with the ATF ending in the closing of his brewery and loss of most of his fortune. I feel there is a great story here and am providing two links for you to begin researching this information. I think you will find it not only interesting but a testament to a man and his dedication to the fine art of brewing. Thank you.. and

  2. josh says:

    Great show!
    What is the track/ artist playing over the last part of Sudculture episode 2?

    1. Jen says:

      Benjamin, please.

  3. Pamela Cupit says:

    A couple of years ago during the Melbourne Writers Festival I ushered an event at ACMI where you spoke. There was hardly anyone there which was such a pity because you were really quite interesting.

    I’ve been binge listening so I have no idea which episode it was but a girl calls you from San Francisco to complain that she can’t brag about how great her life is because you closed your Facebook account. I’m not always sure what’s fact or fiction, is she a real person? Was that her actually speaking? It was like listening to a broadcast picked up in deep space.

    Also please go back to the hour long format, it’s my exact transit time to work.

    Really enjoyed the wine series as well.


  4. lady tiara says:

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