Going Karura


While reporting in Nairobi, Kenya a group of striking Uber drivers turn your host on to a revolutionary strategy of resistance. Plus: stuck in a broken elevator!

Uber Strike in Kenya

in which your host makes friends with the striking uber drivers, struggles to get around kenya and find the mau mau cave.


4 comments on Going Karura

  1. Roberto says:

    A really inspiring and interesting episode.

  2. Ashley Fung says:

    This was a great episode! Brilliant ideas from the strikers in Kenya. We should employ going Karura here, despite the algorithm dangers.

  3. Jesiah says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. It’s the kind of straightforward reporting I wish I were capable of gathering whenever I stumble into a protest almost randomly, in a very different place, with all the same problems.

    My attempts never sound as good, though. So curious what you’re using for recorder/mic setup.

  4. Sara Glascock says:

    I was tasked with writing an essay on solidarity, I cited this episode in an example (fully crediting the author).

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