Adventures in Surveillance

The government is surveilling us, of course. What about the advertisers?

Your host sets out in search of a model for thinking about surveillance — what’s the 20th century panopticon?? Along the way we find the body of the Jeremy Bentham, a Pepe the frog doll and a Deep State hoodie.

Burning down the Panopticon

Burning down the Panopticon (still more adventures in surveillance part i)​ Our new miniseries on Surveillance begins with your host tripping over the corpse of

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Honeypot (Still more adventures in Surveillance part ii) Your host decides to follow back a Joy Division T-shirt that is following him around the internet.

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Targeted (Still more adventures in Surveillance part iii) Your host tries his hand at targeted advertising and he dooms his child to a life of

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Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum (more adventures in surveillance iv) Donald Trump promises women he will make Surveillance great again. Plus Digital Security Training! Next Previous

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Useful Idiots

Useful Idiots (still more adventures in surveillance part v) Your host discovers you can’t beat the Russians at the fake game and ToE’s Chris reviews Oliver

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The fairest of them all?

the fairest of them all (still more adventures in surveillance part vi) Our Surveillance miniseries continues with a special holiday episode. Your host visits both

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Entrapment (still more adventures in surveillance vii) The FBI builds more surveillance traps that don’t work, and your host shares a few of his earliest

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The Twentieth of January

The Twentieth Day Of January (still more adventures in surveillance part viii) A spy novel from the 80’s gives Donald Trump and his Russian friends

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Doomed to Repeat

Doomed to Repeat (still more adventures in surveillance part ix) Your host examines the targeted advertising and fake news that some say put Donald Trump

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Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide (still more adventures in surveillance part xi) Potemkin apps, Fake ads, and the return of little pepe the frog. Your host busts

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