Utopia (the callaway cut)

UTOPIA: the Callaway Cut

Permaculture! Anarchy! Pagan sex dungeons!

ToE’s Andrew Callaway revisits his 2017 tour of intentional communities for our Utopia Series. We are calling this one UTOPIA: The Callaway Cut

Galt's Retreat

peep that infowars sticker on his car lmao

The first stop on Andrew’s journey was Galt’s Retreat… a Libertarian community named after an Ayn Rand book it’s leader hadn’t even read.

You can now see Dustin Nemos on this silver screen… not just on pornhub — on HBO too!

The Farm

In the 70s, The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee was the biggest hippie commune on the planet… but today it feels a little more like a suburb.

Then and now

The Valley of the Dragons

Andrew’s seventh grade French teacher invites him to a secret pagan community to learn one last lesson… about sex magick!

Heartbreak Ridge

Andrew ends his quest at Earthaven, an aspiring ecovillage that is fully off-the-grid!!

Aidan, now 16, says that Earthaven was the perfect place to shelter in during the coronavirus pandemic. You can check out her music here.


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Utopia (part v)

Utopia (part v)

Our search for Utopia comes to an end at Christiania, an Anarchist haven in the heart of Copenhagen. In 2012 this Utopia went legit, the squatters become property owners. But now they must figure out how to preserve their alternative community, preserve the historical buildings they are now responsible for, and preserve their future. Plus your host loses his Utopian tinted glasses during a musical theater performance of one of his favorite dystopian novels (Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower).

Utopia (part iv)

Utopia (part iv)

Our search for Utopia takes Andrew far from Mundania to the magickal Den of Iniquity in a pagan community called The Valley of The Dragons. Plus, your host takes a tour of FDR’s New Deal Utopias in search of a future that is possible.

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Utopia (part iii)

Utopia (part iii)

Artist and Filmmaker Ruth Dusseault tells us about how the internet has changed the American Commune. Plus ToE’s Andrew Callaway lets us in on an internet joke about  Socialist Dolphins.

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Utopia (part ii)

Utopia (part ii)

Our series continues with ToE’s Andrew Callaway reporting from an off the grid fully sustainable little piece of heaven called Earthaven. Plus Will Wilkinson on Libertopia and the limits of Ideal Theory.

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Utopia (part i)

Utopia (part i)

A new ToE mini series on technology, society, work, art, love (the ToE basics) but this time your host dons a pair of Utopian tinted glasses, and sends Toe Producer Andrew Callaway on the road to visit Utopian communities. Plus Basic Income. ********** click on image for more information and links***********