Pseudoscience (False Alarm! part viii)

As the border between border science and science dissolves we continue our examination of two other time periods when science tried to account for both the real and the unreal. In the 1800’s, so much new technology was revolutionizing the world… why not the ability to talk to the dead? And in the 1930s Hitler championed World Ice Theory as an alternative to the Jewish science of Albert Einstein. PLUS ToE’s Chris on Operation Paperclip!

2018 is not the first time truth, fiction and lies have merged together. In the 1850s, people turned to the dead for answers. In the 1930’s, Hitler and the Nazis tried to remake the world using magic and pseudoscience. 

In phase two of False Alarm! we’re going to bounce between the second half of the 19th century, the interwar years and the present to find out if we are doomed for a repeat.


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Operation Paperclip

Special correspondent Chris tells us why the US used tech built on Nazi slave labor!

Werner Von Braun on the left

World Ice Theory

We learned last week from Eric Kurlander, author of Hitler’s Monsters, that Nazi leadership was plugged into the supernatural. This week we dive into the official Nazi response to Einstein’s Jewish science… a better, more Aryan “Big Bang”… World Ice Theory!


The Fox Sisters didn’t get so popular because they were selling a new religion. People loved Spiritualism because it was presented as science. 

Ada Calhoun continues to read from her essay called The Sisters Who Spoke To Spirits and your host reflects on the search for the white crow… and the work that William James could still be doing… from beyond the grave.

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