JK After The Fact (False Alarm! part xiii)

A handful of tech barons now own the news but only one can rule the fake news. A chat with the comedy team behind the CBC’s This is That satirical news show turns into breaking news about Elon Musk.

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This Is That

This Is That is a satirical news show on the CBC. They’ve just announced that this is their final season, so we wanted to have them on the show to discuss the challenges of making radio that mixes truth and fiction… and to find out why they’re really moving on.

They started back in 2010, and starting with a story about the closing of the Calgary Aquarium, audiences began to call in angrily believing that their joke stories were actually real.  These phone calls from fooled listeners became a fan favorite section of the show, but in 2016 as Fake News became the talk of town… this became a problem for them.

How Do You Like It So Far?

Plus, Benjamen just appeared on the How Do You Like It So Far? podcast with Wu Ming 1, one of the authors of Q a conspiracy novel that appears to have inspired a real conspiracy theory. You can check it out here, or wherever podcasts are sold.

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One comment on “JK After The Fact (False Alarm! part xiii)

  1. Ed says:

    I’ve enjoyed many episodes of “This is That” and in spite of being familiar with the show I’ve been fooled for a few minutes by some of their stories. But I would like to also mention that before there was This is That there was Phil Hendry. Phil is a one man cast of characters and mange’s to pull off outrageous fake interviews while dealing with irate callers live on the air! Hendry still produces a podcast but the unsuspecting callers are not a part of the podcasts. Phil’s live shows were quite astonishing.

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