Wolfgang (False Alarm! part xii)

The Hoaxers took over the Conspiracy Theory Championship Title from the Truthers in December of 2012 in response to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. Eight years later the hoaxers are everywhere, the pizzagaters, the climate deniers, the nationalists, the gaslighters – even the President is a hoaxer. Your host travels to the heart of Hoaxer Darkness: Florida

New series logo by Val Dorito.

Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig is the most notorious Sandy Hook hoaxer out there. Len Pozner, a parent of one of the victims of the shooting, has put together a comprehensive document on the man.

Deepfakes Redux

We received a voicemail from Deepfakes , the reddit user who made a face swapping AI algorithm. His last appearance was in part 2 of False Alarm, Fake Nudes

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