How to take out democracy one video at a time.

Your host Benjamen Walker takes an ill-advised journey down the rabbit hole of the so-called, “intellectual dark web.”

Failure (prelude)

Failure (prelude) After Meghan Daum’s marriage falls apart she meets some new friends on YouTube. Also, reporter Paris Martineau tells us about a new game

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The People Have Spoken

The People have Spoken Filmmaker Astra Taylor asks “What is Democracy?” and YouTube creates the most disliked video in the history of the platform. Chapter

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Cultural Marxism Industry

The Cultural Marxism Industry In the 1930’s, Theodor Adorno fled Nazi Germany. In America, he studied the Authoritarian Personality. On YouTube, he’s the object of

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Institutionalized Critic Anand Giridharadas demystifies the rise of the thought leader, artist Chris Vargas rememorializes the Stonewall riots and your host clears up which side

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Failure (interlude)

Failure (interlude) Failure has always been a key concept for your host so this week we pull two stories out of the Benjamen Walker podcast

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Bad Recommendations

Bad Recommendations John Herrman EXPOSES the truth about YouTube’s paranoid style. ToE’s Andrew Callaway DESTROYS Jordan Peterson. (Must listen!!!) Chapter four in the new ToE

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The Greater Firewall

The Greater Firewall China’s next generation surveillance technology is being used to build out the world’s internet. But China is also exporting new philosophical and

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Operation Three-Eyed Raven

Operation Three-Eyed Raven ToE’s special correspondent Chris tells us the truth about Game of Thrones, Trump, the CIA, and the importance of stories. Chapter seven

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YouTube’s Inferno

YouTube’s Inferno Youtube insists that it is not liable for the hate speech in its platform. This was also what the said about the copyrighted

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