False Alarm!

Fake news and alternative facts have declared war on the real. Your host sets out on a journey to tell the difference between the real and fake… and to find out how he can keep making a podcast that blends the real and the fake in a world where people are sick of not knowing the difference.


Your host dons a pair of utopian tinted glasses. Join ToE’s Andrew Callaway goes on a journey to find a place for us to retreat while Benjamen stays at home talking to great thinkers and artists about where to look for the map to shangri-la!


Benjamen, Mathilde and Arthaud head off on a family trip to Wisconsin to see art environments built by immigrants out of concrete and to discover what’s going on in rural America today: art, political resentments, Tocqueville and Pawn America.



The government is surveilling us, of course. What about the advertisers? Your host sets out in search of a new model for thinking about surveillance.

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Craft beer is taking America by storm. Is it art? Your host sets out to better understand America’s craft beer scene. The latest food trend? Or oppositional culture? And can it survive the attention from Megabrew?

Holy War

A story about redemption, forgiveness and torture. When Margo’s husband is killed in a terrorist attack, she is given Ali Baba, a terrorist clone. Will Margo use her new Walmart deluxe torture kit? Or does she have a greater plan?


This is because companies like Uber only employ “partners” or independent contractors. So in 2015, your host decided to partner with Andrew, the official ToE instapoder who will drive, shop, clean, deliver, and manserve for a whole month -- recording his entire experience.

Art De Vivre

Benjamen's wife Mathilde joins us for this two part series about the intersection between France and China and wine. The story of the red obsession of Wealthy Chinese has been told many times, but what is going to happen when China's elusive emerging middle class gets wine fever? Can wine transmit cultural values?

NY After Rent

The financial crisis of September 2008 overshadows one of the most important events in post-gentrified New York History: the arrival of Airbnb. While your host wasn’t paying attention back then either, today he is fed up with the commodification of every square inch of the city. But what if the Airbnb economy is also changing the way New York City dreams and makes art? Can it be stopped?

Dislike Club

Facebook eventually added reactions other than like, but they never made a dislike button. In this series, your host tries to form a club for people who are tired of just liking things. Follow Benjamen as he struggles to form a community about hating the internet.


1984 (the year not the book)

In 1984, your host was twelve years old and like George Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith, he kept a diary, for the citizens of the future. Find out what totalitarianism really sounds like.

Man Without A Country

What happens when you curse your own country? In this version of the classic Americana tale your host is sentenced to live out the rest of his days in a hot air balloon when he fought the “three strikes you are out forever” law and lost.

The Clouds

We now spend most of our time living and working in the cloud but most of us have no idea how it works, what it does, what’s different, or what it all means. Join your host on a journey to the center of the cloud.